BOclassic - Silvesterlauf

BOclassic Alto Adige

BOclassic Alto Adige


PROGRAM 31.12. 

9.00-12.00 Race Office open (Pfarrheim)
1.00 pm Just-for-fun (1,25 –5 km  = 1-4 rounds) 
2.00 pm BOclassic Ladurner Amateur Run (5 km = 4 rounds)
2.55 pm BOclassic Raiffeisen Youth Cup (1,25 - 2,5 km = 1 or 2rounds)
3.35 pm BOclassic Elite Women (5 km = 4rounds) live on TV RAi SPORT and RAI SÜDTIROL
4.00 pm BOclassic Elite Men(10 km = 8 rounds) live on TV RAi SPORT and RAI SÜDTIROL
4.45 pm award ceremony






Compare yourself to the world’s elite! The BOclassic Raiffeisen New Year’s Eve Run offers a unique chance to run against international stars...and to compare your record with theirs.

You will start in four categories:

All categories run on the official BOclassic circular route through the historic centre of the City of Bozen. The circular route has a length of 1,250 metres and therefore, must be run four times (Public run – Handbike – Elite/Women), alternatively eight times (Elite/Men) or once or twice (Youth categories).


Mottos of the BOclassic Raiffeisen New Year’s Run:

  • Compare yourself to the world’s elite!
  • Phase out ...the old year!
  • Full of energy into the New Year…!